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Working at PTV Group, a part of Umovity, means making the world a better place, one trip at a time. And this starts with every one of us. As an international company working across five continents, we’re promoting diversity, inclusion and tolerance in all our offices around the globe. For us, everyone is unique and equal, regardless of nationality, culture, language, religion, or sexual orientation. At PTV Group, we're creating an inclusive workplace where every person can feel they belong.

What diversity means for PTV Group

Voices of PTV diversity

Working at PTV is more than a job - it's a calling that allows me to make a positive social impact. With support and encouragement, I was able to fulfill many exciting positions in the company. And today, I have the chance to contribute to road safety worldwide.

Sofia Salek De Braun
Global Road Safety Ambassador, PTV HQ Germany

My disability was never an issue at PTV. On the contrary: My unique perspective helps my team and myself to develop sustainable and barrier-free mobility concepts - and implement them in our software.

Martin Seeger
Senior Software Engineer, PTV HQ, Germany

Having lived in both the Middle East and Europe, I know that diverse perspectives at work bring better results. PTV enables me to bring my perspective into the table, and help people fulfill their potential through better mobility.

Hussein Hakim Falih
Senior Transport Modeler, PTV Group UK

Our success depends on the talents of employees from countless backgrounds. The best ideas come when everyone feels safe and empowered.

Christian U. Haas
CEO, PTV Group

The PTV work environment reflects our customers: Diverse and multi-cultural. This makes it natural for us to design products that improve mobility for women, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities.

Tiffany Poledor
Marketing Manager, PTV Americas

Starting a job in a new country can be overwhelming. But with support from my PTV colleagues, both in and out of the office, I could focus on developing solutions and adding value to the company – and my career.

Mahdyar Sotoudeh
Senior Software Engineer, PTV HQ Germany

No matter where you come from, you have a place at PTV Group 

What diversity means for PTV Group 

Celebrating our differences 

As a company founded at the crossroads of Europe, ethnic and racial diversity is a major source of our strength. PTV Group has a presence in all continents, and our employees come from dozens of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities. Our company has zero tolerance toward racism, bullying, and discrimination of any kind. This is ensured by our Code of Conduct, which is introduced to all employees.  

But we go beyond that: Our Human Resources teams support employees who relocate, including with temporary housing for some. AT PTV’s German HQ, the working language is English, enabling non-German-speakers to contribute their best. 

Accessibility for all

We value the talents of every employee, and no kind of disability should limit their potential. Our HQ offices and public areas are step-free, and every floor is equipped with an accessible bathroom. In many of the PTV teams, people with disabilities are well integrated and receive active support from their colleagues.  
PTV Group has special arrangements for employees who need to work from home due to medical conditions or need extra time for medical errands. Furthermore, there are special re-integration plans for workers who return after lengthy medical leave.  

We know that mental health is no less important: Managers are trained to identify cases of stress or burn-out – and actively support those who need help. To keep work-life balance, PTV employees are encouraged to take breaks and their rest periods.

Gender equality & parent support 

We serve all of humanity, of which 51% is female. Accordingly, women are integrated at all levels of PTV Group. In our field of transportation and software development, where glass barriers are sometimes high, PTV Group is proud to have women at the forefront.  

But we also know that there is always room for growth. We are always open to employees’ initiatives and ideas to further promote equality. 

PTV Group is committed to fight any kind of harassment at the workplace, including sexual harassment.    
To support young families, PTV Group offers mothers (and fathers!) a range of options: From working part-time after returning from parental-leave, to special mobile-working alternatives.

LGBTIQ+? Move as you are!

Sexual orientation has never been – and will never be – an issue in PTV Group workplaces. It is our mission to ensure that the many LGBTQI+ employees feel safe and accepted, because it makes our company stronger. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment. 

At our headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, we support the local LGBTQI+ community: Starting in 2023 we are the main sponsors of the local pride event.  

We’re part of the community

Our mobility innovation connects people all over the world. But we don’t stop there: PTV Group is often involved in the communities around it. Employees take part in charity and volunteer efforts, to help those in need. 

PTV Group is also working according to ESG principles. This means that we ensure our activities are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. It is our duty to extend these principles to our suppliers and customers.      

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